Darren Rovell a snitch? ESPN reporter tattles on kid telling a joke; 'Branding' act wearing thin on other media members [VIDEO]

By Mike Edler (
on Apr 08, 2014 04:18 PM EDT
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Darren Rovell
Darren Rovell (Photo : Twitter)

Darren Rovell is ESPN’s in house sports business reporter and business correspondent, but he makes some waves with the way he phrases things and the emphasis he puts on branding. Monday was one of those said cases, but in this instance Mr. Rovell couldn't take a joke.

The latest of Rovell’s social media escapades comes from a story that Kissing Suzy Kolber posted about Robert Griffin III’s new logo and brand. Rovell being the business man he is, is all abut branding and is a big believer that the brand is bigger than the man and can survive most controversies. He believed this with Lance Armstrong and his Live Strong brand after Armstrong was dragged through the mud for his PED use.

The article in question is titled “RGIII has a new logo! You know who else had a logo? Hitler.” The article and it;s contents aren't important to the story, but then when someone commented on the tweet about branding being a source to improve your brand Rovell was not ammused.

Now Rovell was the subject of a rather clever joke that was very relevant to what Rovell preaches, so can Rovell just not take a joke? Rovell is no saint when it comes to social media with some of his past posts. Writers and other members of the media have gone back into Rovell’s Twitter history to pull up some of the gems.

"If you’re a fan today and you don’t understand the business, then you’re a bad fan. You will lose at the water cooler every single time.”

"And maybe the word 'brand' is laughable to some people, but I think the people who are on the cutting-room floor in this industry are the ones who could not find their brand. ... My whole life is a strategy.”

Rovell is quickly becoming loathed in the sports community and I’m sure none of this backlash is bothering him one bit.

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