Here's How You Can Buy A Nintendo Switch For $50, But It May Require A Lot Of Practice

By miriya
on Mar 20, 2017 07:59 PM EDT
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Nintendo Switch
One man shows how you can get a Nintendo Switch for $50 (Photo : / Digital Trends)

For most gamers, securing a Nintendo Switch today is akin to beating a Dark Souls game. It's just that difficult, with stores constantly running out of supply and online deliveries are being delayed. This has led to third party sellers to price the Nintendo Switch at a premium as supply can't meet the demands. But one crafty gamer has managed to beat the system by not only acquiring a Nintendo Switch but purchasing it at significantly lower price.

A gamer who calls himself Dragon Slaayer managed to get a Nintendo Switch for $50 by exchanging his arcade tickets at a local Dave & Busters as reported by Polygon. According to the gamer, he played the flappy bird game until he acquired the necessary amount of tickets to exchange for a Nintendo switch. He chose that game since he was naturally good at it.

For some, playing a dairy different game in these kinds of stores can also lead to similar results. In the same report from Polygon, a gamer was able to collect 1 million tickets in 3 days playing the Drill-o-Matic game to exchange for a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle. The gamer was supposedly an expert at the game managing to hit the jackpot target on a consistent basis. Unfortunately, when the gamer came up to the counter to exchange for the motorcycle, the store ejected him preventing the exchange.

The one thing in common in these two stories is the expertise in one specific game and managing to collect a huge amount of tickets while playing the game. For most gamers, it may take awhile to reach their levels. But it does certainly prove that with enough practice, it is possible to win prizes such as the Nintendo Switch.

Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch is still currently out of stock in most retail stores according to Now in Stock. It's been reported that Game Stop will have the new batch of consoles arriving on March 22. Until then, maybe arcades have a Nintendo Switch available for exchange. But you have to be an expert gamer to make the exchange at a cheaper cost.

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