WrestleMania 30 [RUMORS]: Hulk Hogan And John Cena Tagging? Big Show vs. Triple H Dropped? [VIDEO]

Mike Smollins
By Mike Smollins @MikeSmollins
on Dec 03, 2013 11:25 AM EST
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Hulk Hogan
Perhaps no name is more legendary in this industry than Hogan's, and Orton got a chance to truly cement himself as the Legend Killer at the 2006 event, which took place at the TD Garden in Boston. Orton had originally won the match, but it was overturned after the referee discovered Hogan had his foot on the ropes."The Hulkster" who teamed with the likes of Randy Savage and The Ultimate Warrior at SummerSlam's past and grappled with Shawn Michaels the year prior, then hit a leg drop to win the match.

(Photo : Reuters)

The plans for WWE WrestleMania 30 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans have changed a lot over the past few months. While Hulk Hogan hasn't signed a contract to return to the WWE for the event yet, reports indicate that the WWE may be planning to pair Hogan with John Cena in a possible tag team match.

Hogan has expressed interest in being at WrestleMania, but most recently said he wanted to go with his new wife Jennifer as a fan since she has never experienced a WrestleMania before. According to, word is that the WWE's officials have discussed WWE's biggest star of the past in Hogan pairing up with the WWE's biggest star of the present in Cena, though the talks are preliminary and there has been no mention as to who they'd possibly face.

A tag match between the two would makes sense as Hogan, 60, probably can't carry a match by himself at this stage in his career. Being able to tag in and out would help the Hulkster get some rest when Cena is in the ring. Cena recently discussed a possible Hogan return at WrestleMania with TMZ Sports and said that he'd love Hogan to return for the biggest show of the year and the show he helped launch with the very first one in 1985.

"We operate at a high level of speed in the WWE nowadays," Cena told TMZ. "I think you can't have a WrestleMania 30 without Hulk Hogan. I really truly hope he's there in my heart of hearts because as WrestleMania turns 30 I think we need the Hulkster, but we'll see if we can get him there to do whatever he can do."

Hogan has been rumored for a WWE return and WrestleMania match ever since his contract expired with TNA on Oct. 1, but no deal has been confirmed despite both sides having interest. Hogan was reportedly "training like a madman" for a match at the big event, but when TMZ Sports recently caught up with the wrestling legend, he said he was interested in bringing his wife as a fan.

"I haven't been to WrestleMania for years," Hogan told TMZ. "My new wife Jennifer, she's never been to one brother. I'm gonna have to wear masks like Mil Mascaras and sit in the front row," he quipped.

Still, it doesn't rule out a match for the right pay day, and a tag match makes a lot of sense. reports that there is also discussion of a Cena vs. Randy Orton match despite the fact that the two are fighting in a title-for-title match at WWE TLC in two weeks in a unification match that was originally rumored to take place at WrestleMania.

According to, WWE officials made a lot of changes to their WrestleMania XXX plans this week and they've changed so many storyline directions that the talk backstage is that there is not a lot of long-term direction leading into the biggest show of the year due to so many changes in such little time.

One change was the rumored Triple H and Big Show program that was supposed to culminate in a match at  TLC or next month's Royal Rumble pay-per-view being scrapped entirely, as the WWE decided to forget about the program and were originally going to hold the Big show out until the Royal Rumble before he appeared on RAW Monday night.

Plans will likely change many times before WrestleMania XXX, but it seems as though the creative direction of the WWE is very scattered building towards the company's biggest event of all-time.

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