Ultimate Warrior WWE Hall Of Fame 2014 [VIDEO]: Hulk Hogan Supports The Warrior's Induction Into HOF, 'He's A Good Man'

Mike Smollins
By Mike Smollins @MikeSmollins
on Jan 15, 2014 02:01 PM EST
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Hulk Hogan
WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan defeated King Kong Bundy in a Steel Cage Match at WrestleMania 2 in 1986 to retain the WWE Championship. (Photo : Reuters)

Contrary to popular belief, wrestling legend Hulk Hogan doesn't hate The Ultimate Warrior, brother. Hogan and the Warrior were on bad terms for years and didn't like each other, but Hogan--who was inducted into the WWE's Hall of Fame in 2005--was happy to welcome The Warrior aboard and said Warrior is a good man on the heels of the WWE revealing on Monday that the Warrior will be inducted in 2014.

Like Us on Facebook reports that "The Hulkster" said he used to hate The Warrior but he doesn't anymore.

"He's a good choice for the Hall of Fame, he's a good man," Hogan told TMZ.

Hogan was publicly critical of The Warrior--who has gained the reputation of being hard to work with--even referring to him as "an a--clown and a loser." Warrior spread his hatred of Hogan through various videos and even called him a "malicious backstabber."

Hogan and The Warrior were both part of one of the most famous main events in WrestleMania history as Hogan put up his WWE Championship against The Ultimate Warrior and his Intercontinental Championship in a winner-takes-all title-for-title match at WrestleMania VI in 1990. The Warrior won that night and held his first and only WWE Heavyweight Championship.

The Warrior recently discussed that main event with Sports Illustrated and also said he believed he could still wrestle.

"Because of our tour schedules, Hogan and I only had about 45 minutes to go over the match," Warrior told SI. "We met in an old barn-like place where they used to train pro wrestlers down in Tampa and walked through what we were going to do. I didn't see him again until WrestleMania"

Hogan and The Warrior may be involved in WrestleMania again as the Warrior will be inducted into the Hall of Fame the night before WrestleMania XXX and Hogan is rumored to get his second induction into the Hall of Fame as the WWE has planned on enshrining the WrestleMania I main event that pitted Hogan and Mr. T against "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff into the Hall of Fame this year as well.

Hogan may also have a spot on the actual WrestleMania XXX card on April 6 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans as the WWE has been reportedly planning something with him and Piper at the actual event to mimic that original main event.

It seems for now all is well between the two former wrestling titans, and while they have that one WrestleMania main event in common, they will have something else in common on April 5--they will both be WWE Hall of Famers.

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