CM Punk Quits WWE [VIDEO]: 'Best In The World' Ignoring WWE's Phone Calls After Leaving Due To Unhappiness

Mike Smollins
By Mike Smollins @MikeSmollins
on Feb 03, 2014 12:53 PM EST
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CM Punk
DDP believes CM Punk will appear at WrestleMania XXX on Sunday in New Orleans. (Photo : Screen Caption)

It has been one week since CM Punk seemingly quit the WWE and the belief is that while the WWE has reached out to Punk, he's been keeping to himself and not responding to the WWE's attempts to contact him.

According to, Punk hasn't responded to WWE officials after they reached out to him via phone calls and text messages, and the belief is that he is keeping to himself regarding him quitting the WWE and other than people in his inner circle, no one truly knows what he is thinking.

The report notes that WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon has personally been handling the Punk situation and many backstage within the company are "not happy" that Punk is gone. The report states there is a lot of negativity surrounding Punk behind-the-scenes in the WWE. McMahon reportedly wants to do what he can to convince Punk to stay as the roster is relatively thin when it comes to top stars.

Punk was unhappy with the WWE due in part to "part-timers" like The Rock and Batista returning from hiatuses and headlining WrestleManias while he and other superstars such as Daniel Bryan work all-year round and travel all over the world just to be sauntered down the card at the biggest show of the year.

Punk's contract was set to expire in July and many people within the company felt like he wasn't going to re-sign when it came up. Punk stormed out of RAW before last Monday's show and has been mum on his status since.

Punk was also upset over the fact that the WWE wouldn't let him turn heel after he realized that he'll always be the No.2 babyface behind John Cena. Reports indicate that Punk wanted to turn heel so he could at least be the top bad guy, but the WWE wouldn't budge. Punk was also reportedly upset at how the WWE compensated him for past events and wasn't open about how they'll pay talents with the new WWE Network and WrestleMania XXX coming up.

According to, there has been a split backstage between how Punk leaving the company was received, with some people thinking he stood up for himself and did the right thing while others feel he's being a baby and shouldn't have walked out like he did. Some backstage believed it was a work while the mass majority felt it was legitimate.

Punk was reportedly upset about his rumored match against Triple H at WrestleMania XXX at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, and since a lot of people weren't expecting him to re-sign in July, he figured he would be doing the job to Triple H at the show. reports that the WWE was not happy with the fact that the reports of Punk quitting the WWE leaked out to the internet, which is part of the reason why McMahon is handling the situation rather than Triple H or the WWE's Talent Relations department. The company was hopeful that it could deal with the situation internally, but now that mainstream media outlets have picked up on the story it's no longer a possibility.

The WWE held creative meetings regarding WrestleMania XXX over the weekend, and one thing they spoke of was plans for the show with or without Punk on the roster.

It's unknown if the WWE will be able to get Punk back, but with his growing frustrations with the company it seems doubtful that he'll return.

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