2014 Olympics Sochi problems: Farting epidemic plagues winter games? Jason Brown, other Olympic performances have gassy audio dubbed onto them [VIDEO]

Raimundo Ortiz
By Raimundo Ortiz @AroundtheMundo
on Feb 12, 2014 12:42 PM EST
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Jason Brown
Olympic U.S. figure skating sensation Jason Brown. (Photo : Reuters)

Perhaps Sochi officials have found the cause of Bob Costas' raging pink eye? Some high-minded individuals at Cow+Ghost films have taken the liberty of adding a little spice to the 2014 Winter Olympic games by dubbing some hilarious fart noises over the performances.

The best of their videos is some editing done to Jason Brown's epic figure skating performance. Brown, a 19-year-old star in the figure skating world has been wowing judges and spectators alike with a routine set to Riverdance that set the internet ablaze.

He has taken that act to the Olympics, but no amount of grace or style could immortalize it like a soundtrack of flatulence. In a video that is reminiscent of Jack Black's big screen turn as Jeff Portnoy in Tropic Thunder, Brown's famous routine inspires laughs as every lift of his leg is accentuated by a fart of varying volume. As the jumps and twists increase in difficulty, so does the gas.

Eventually Brown is nailing triple axels as machine-gun like farts enter the eardrums of those smart enough to have clicked play.

Brown isn't alone either, as the good folks at Cow+Ghost films gave videos of ski and luge runs the smelly treatment.

Who knows which sport will be next? Surely, hockey fans outside of Pittsburgh would love to see Sidney Crosby in all his flatulent glory. 

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