UFC News: Joe Rogan Bashes Professional Wrestling and Criticizes Brock Lesnar [PHOTO] [VIDEO]

By Doric Sam
on Sep 08, 2014 12:53 PM EDT
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Besides being known as a comedian and host of "Fear Factor," Joe Rogan is a full-time color commentator for the UFC and one of the biggest supporters of mixed martial arts. But apparently his love for mixed martial arts means he fosters a hatred for professional wrestling.

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Comedian Tony Hinchcliffe appeared on last week's episode of The Joe Rogan Experience and said that he was offered a one-year contract to join the WWE creative team. Hinchcliffe, a life-long pro wrestling fan, passed on the job because he didn't want to give up his current job as a touring comedian. At one point during their conversation, Rogan took exception to Hinchcliffe saying a majority of UFC fans are currently or used to be fans of pro wrestling.

"It's not the G--damn same," Rogan said. "One of them is real. One of them is people battling for their lives in the most difficult content in all of sports. The other is some weird, f-----n' jerk-off thing where strange guys sit in front of the TV and pretend they don't know it's fake. You don't want to know. You shut that part of your brain off."

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Rogan also commented on Brock Lesnar, who was a WWE superstar before becoming the UFC heavyweight champion, and how he could've been a better mixed martial artist with proper training. Lesnar has since returned to the WWE and is the current world heavyweight champion.

"If Brock Lesnar did it the right way, if Lesnar left the WWE and dedicated himself to becoming the best fighter in the world," Rogan said. "And I mean like best striking coaches, best overall coaches, like a real MMA coach, find out what they can fix and work on him for years, and then built him up slowly and eventually work his way up to a larger organization, and then eventually fight in the UFC when you have 15, 20 fights... He could have been an all-time great. He's a freak athlete."

Rogan took a bit of heat from fans on Twitter and claimed he doesn't actually hate pro wrestling:

Rogan's comments about pro wrestling and MMA begin a little after the 11-minute mark in the video below:

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