Mick Foley WWE Rumors: Hardcore Legend Needs To Put A Sock In It On Social Media [VIDEO

By Mike Smollins @MikeSmollins
on Nov 30, 2015 03:30 PM EST
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Perhaps it's time for Mick Foley to give himself the Mr. Socko treatment.

For years, the Hardcore Legend dominated opponents and stuck a disgusting, dirty sock down their gullets to a raucous ovation. It may now be time for Foley to silence himself, only on social media and not in the squared circle.

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Anyone who follows the three-time WWE Champion knows he's never shy about complaining about the WWE product. Most of the time, he's spot on with what he says, but sometimes enough is enough.

Take his latest Facebook post, in which Foley went on a rant entitled, "Last RAW For Foley" in a tactic he's taken several times. The WWE Hall of Famer makes some great points about how stagnant the WWE has been and how some of the benefits of the Attitude Era aren't given to today's stars. Most of what he said was valid, but he's also said it before ad nauseam.

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"All the blood, the language and the violence paled in comparison to the real secret weapon of the Attitude Era; FREEDOM!" Foley wrote. "The freedom to CREATE..the freedom to TRY... the freedom to FAIL -- the idea that going down swinging (I hope I'm not losing you guys in all the non-baseball playing countries) was almost as important as hitting the ball out of the park -- as long as you took your best swings."

Foley isn't wrong here, but he's threatened to boycott WWE shows in the past and always seems to come back, so his words are hard to take at face value. The problem with Foley isn't what he's saying, it's that the message is repeated so often it loses its impact.

Foley also wrote that he would love a chance to take over the creative reins of the WWE, which would be great for two reasons. First, he might actually make the storytelling more compelling and second, he'd stop complaining about it.

"One of my favorite wrestlers proposed a storyline that would allow me a four of five week storyline that would allow me to dig in deep, and swing for the fences - and in the process, maybe advance a few of the super-talented but underutilized athletes on the roster," Foley said. "I would love to do it....but I doubt it's going to happen. After all, I might want to do something crazy like go out there without a script, and try to create some real emotion -- in other words, the type of thing that saved WWE in the late 90's."

Foley needs to help the WWE change its ways, or stop watching and shut up about it.

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