Michael Phelps ‘Stayed on His Lane’ Regarding Doping Issues, Believes Cheating is Common in Sports Events

By James Ryan Morales
on Mar 02, 2017 01:46 AM EST
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Michael Phelps, a famed swimmer who won 23 Olympic gold medals, believes that doping has been a common practice for many athletes in the international sports scene. Though he "stayed on his lane" for all these years, he is among who stood up in the pushing of global anti-doping reforms.

On a statement, Michael Phelps said, "I don't believe I've stood up at an international competition and the rest of the field has been clean," pertaining to the fact that he has encountered numerous instances in which competitors on an event has been using drug enhancements to perform better on their sport. The swimmer endeavours to improve anti-doping measures by means of evidence at a US House of Representatives hearing.

World Anti-Doping Agency or Wada is funded by the US government to improve the standards of international sports competition like the Olympics. Michael Phelps said that he encountered numerous instances in his career where they suspected an athlete to have been doping - and those suspicions were proven a bit later, BBC Sports reported.

Michael Phelps even worries about the future generations of athletes. He said that he fears that one day, his son would ask about doping but wasn't able to give a good answer. He hopes that doping would be cleared by then. He Olympic gold champion recited a 1,300-word letter stating that as a swimmer, he is aware that doping is also a rampant practice on his sport.

He was drug tested 13 times in six months before the Rio Olympics, so Michael Phelps tells that he himself is all clean from the guilt of having settled for doping. His records were even seen on the US Anti-Doping Agency website. But, there was about 4, 125 out of 11,470 athletes from the Rio Olympics who had no drug-testing record in 2016 - a big question on the credibility of Anti-Doping measures authorities have been exercising, as reported by NBC Sports.


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