NFL Ratings Continue to Plummet

By Brian Ang (Staff writer)
on Mar 30, 2017 07:26 PM EDT
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Over the years, the dominance and popularity of the National Football League (NFL) is undeniable. In 2015, the top 25 TV programs are controlled by the association. With it comes a $15 billion worth of revenues.

However, the following season, a decline has been seen. The NFL ratings have plummeted by eleven percent. Although the league is gradually recovering, questions about its vulnerability have surfaced.

The disinterest among viewers can be attributed to the presence of so many football games on television. During Thursday nights alone, the NFL has been telecasting 15 games throughout the season. These are on top of the double headers being aired during Sundays and Mondays.

Although the availability of NFL games is keeping football fans and enthusiasts somewhat queasy, there is a growing perception that the league is nullifying the fun and enjoyment that comes with every play. In effect, America's premier football program now lacks the excitement and the appeal which had drawn people to its fields for so long.

The recent implementation of rules may have contributed to the declining interest in the NFL. For instance, eliminating the leaping approach to block field goals over the line of scrimmage has denied fans the chance to watch intense and thrilling games.

Still, National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) president Eric Winston insists that banning such move is to the best interest of the players who can be hurt when landing wrongly on the other side of the line.

The NFL's decision to impose stricter ejection rules has also diminished the fierce and energetic brilliance of players. Throwing first time offenders from the field can be treated as a warning shot against the rest. This means that moves will now be calculated and the actions restricted. However, the the ruling will also prevent the persistent emergence of illegal hits.

With the NFL seriously implementing rules to protect players, the need to keep the games intense will also be beneficial for the league. Owners and executives must find ways to institute a balance between safety concerns and making the game more exciting again.

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