WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns May Head For Heel Turn, Crowd's Hostile Reaction May Force Change

By Dan Joseph Vitan (Staff writer)
on Apr 05, 2017 06:13 PM EDT
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Roman Reigns is an interesting character for the WWE because, despite every effort to make him the face of the company, it always turns out to be the opposite. Roman is being groomed by the WWE for several years now but has always failed to do so. People have always hated Roman for several reasons despite any effort done by the WWE. And the crowd's reaction to him on Raw isn't any different even defeating the Undertaker in WrestleMania in the legend's last match.

On a story done by Heavy, Roman Reigns was booed for 10 straight minutes in the most recent episode of Raw. The audience's reaction was one of the most hostile in recent memory which would suggest Roman is a top heel in the WWE. But that isn't the case that WWE wanted for Roman as they have tried to build the wrestler to be the heir of John Cena as his inevitable exit from the promotion dawns near.

But clues seem to point a contradiction to Roman Reigns role and suggest that he may be headed for a heel turn. On his podcast, Roman entertained the idea of switching to a heel but seem to be skeptical about being the same as every villain. He says that wrestlers are now at the point of doing anything they want as long as it makes some noise.

Dave Meltzer, a wrestling journalist, also shares the same sentiments with Roman Reigns. He argues that a wrestler is doing great as long as he/she is creating a strong reaction from fans regardless of their role. For the journalist, silence is what kills a wrestler, and in the case of Roman Reigns, the booing is what makes him stronger.

While it may seem that Roman Reigns is doing fine with his character, it would be better he fully embraced a heel character. Triple H meanwhile is saying that despite being a face, Roman is a bonafide heel since it's obvious with the crowd's reaction.

As of now Roman Reigns is acting as a face but is treated as a heel. And considering the reaction he is getting, it would be better if he turned into a full heel.

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