Brooklyn Cyclones Seinfeld night: Mets' Single-A baseball team handing out Keith Hernandez 'Magic Loogie' bobbleheads at 'Vandelay Industries Park' [VIDEO]

Mike Smollins
By Mike Smollins @MikeSmollins
on Apr 16, 2014 11:08 AM EDT
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Jerry Seinfeld
The Brooklyn Cyclones will honor the 25th anniversary of the "Seinfeld" pilot airing at a home game on July 5 at MCU Park. (Photo : Getty )

25 years after it started, the show about nothing is making a splash at the ballpark. The Brooklyn Cyclones have announced that they will have a "Seinfeld Night" during a home game in July 5 as the New York Mets Single-A affiliate honors the 25th anniversary of Seinfeld debuting on NBC.

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According to ESPN, the first 25,000 fans to attend the event will receive a Keith Hernandez "Magic Loogie" bobblehead to commemorate the episode where characters Kramer and Newman accused to former Mets' first baseman of spitting on them.

Hernandez appeared on the two-part Season 3 episode "The Boyfriend" in 1992, but the night is mostly a tribute to the first episode, "The Seinfeld Chronicles" which aired on July 5, 1989 and launched a show that changed pop culture and went on to last 180 episodes and run until 1998.

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According to the report, MCU Park will become Vandelay Industries Park, named for the place character George Costanza claimed he worked at to the unemployment office. The Cyclones have also said anyone that produces a legitimate business card that proves they are a latex salesman will get in for free, not that there's anything wrong with that.

The Cyclones are going all-out as other events on that night include postmen throwing out the first pitch as a tribute to Newman and the team taking batting practice in puffy shirts to honor the iconic episode of the same name.

Also in the plans will be a dance contest where the contestants will do their best Elaine impressions, as first seen in the episode "The Little Kicks," a cereal eating contest as a tribute to Jerry Seinfeld since cereal is his favorite food and yada, yada, yada.

The Cyclones are hoping that Seinfeld, who is a real-life Mets fan and has appeared in their broadcast booth, will attend the game but they haven't been able to confirm him yet. Hernandez likely won't be there because he does broadcasts for the Mets and the team hosts the Texas Rangers that night.

It will be a celebration that rivals Festivus when "Seinfeld Night" takes over MCU Park in an event that is bound to be, "Gold Jerry, Gold!"

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