Virginia Man Calls 911 After Taking Hard Foul In Pickup Basketball Game

By John Carlo A. Villaruel
on Jul 19, 2018 08:58 AM EDT
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An unidentified man called for the police after being fouled hard during a pick-up game on Monday at the LA Fitness Gym in Sterling, Virginia.

According to a Twitter user who shared the photo online, the man who reported the incident to the police is a familiar face in the gym as he often plays basketball. The man in black, who can be seen through the window standing near to the police was the one who called cops.

On the other hand, the man with his hands on his hips is the one who allegedly committed the assault. Multiple sources say that the man in black was upset after being knocked to the floor following a hard screen.

"He had pushed him in the back before so he got hit with a hard screen at the top of the key and flew to the ground got up and walked out the door lol he went to the front desk and called the cop and waited for them. Then walked back in and sat down," said 28-year-old Thomas Mulabah who witnessed the whole play.

Mulabah was quick to defend the player who called the cops, telling the media that he was likely caught up in the emotion of the game. Mulabah added that people play basketball in that area of Virginia like they are getting paid to do it.

Witnesses Thought He Was Joking

Other witnesses added that they believe that the man was just joking about calling the police. The officers immediately responded to the gym with one deputy saying that he thought he was called about a fight.

"No punches were thrown. Nothing. It wasn't malicious. No hits to the face or anything like that," a Twitter user who refused to be named revealed to the station.

The players decided to not press charges while the gym management gave the men another chance to continue their game according to a police report. Both men returned to action after the police officers left.

Laughing Stock Online

The man's decision to call the police generated a lot of attention online with Yahoo Sports' journalist Chase Kell recalling his experience in a friendly basketball game. Kell said that he once received a vicious elbow that had his tooth pushed through his upper lip.

Kell added that he was pretty pissed off with the incident most especially since the perpetrator called the foul on him. Nonetheless, Kell said that the last thing he would do is calling the police.

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