WWE Rumors: Mick Foley May Be Criticizing His Own Son Soon If He Joins WWE Creative [VIDEO]

By Mike Smollins @MikeSmollins
on Dec 02, 2015 04:32 PM EST
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Mick Foley's issues with WWE creative may become a family affair.

The Hardcore Legend has made a habit out of blasting WWE Monday Night RAW in recent weeks and almost gave up watching the product for good. Now, the WWE is reportedly considering bringing on his son, Dewey, to join the creative team, according to

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According to the report, the WWE is mulling bringing on Dewey, 23, starting in early 2016 as a creative assistant, and if he impresses officials, he could be brought on permanently. Dewey's sister, Noelle, 21, has also played a role in the industry that made her father famous.

Dewey ran his own blog where he posted his own creative ideas for the WWE, but it has since been made private. Sources also told the site that Dewey has reportedly been deleting old tweets criticizing the WWE, though it wasn't confirmed.

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Last year, Dewey wrote a scathing blog about the WWE product, lambasting Vince McMahon and Triple H, going as far as to say his father made "The Game" into the star he became.

"Sorry people who know much about wrestling, but this company right now is in some serious s--t," he wrote. "This is really bad for their company because one or two individuals truly believe that their opinions reign much higher over the millions and millions of people who watch their show religiously on a weekly basis. It's such a horrible feeling obviously because it hits close to home. You have these guys who work their asses off 320+ days a year, who barely see their loved ones, and they get completely disrespected and disregarded because Triple f---king H thinks they're 'too small' or not star material."

Though they aren't wrong on most things, the complaining seems to run in the family as Mick almost swore off RAW before Monday's show, but opted to stay on.

"All the blood, the language and the violence paled in comparison to the real secret weapon of the Attitude Era; FREEDOM!" the Hall of Famer wrote on Facebook. "The freedom to CREATE..the freedom to TRY... the freedom to FAIL -- the idea that going down swinging (I hope I'm not losing you guys in all the non-baseball playing countries) was almost as important as hitting the ball out of the park -- as long as you took your best swings."

Mick will have to keep watching if his son truly does come on board. Then it will be interesting to see if he's still complaining.

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